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Digitally Enhanced Collection

Cassini Maps Surrey
Pleased to be the Winners again for the 2nd Year Running!

Surrey Caterers

















































British Library Collection - J Speed map of Surrey Date:1616

Framed County Maps
From the British Library Collection
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Interested in Historic Maps of Surrey?
Find fascinating, decorative and practical ideas for anyone with any interest in our range of digitally enhanced maps.
Create something personalised and unique. Ideal for research into local or family History.
For Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or Christmas
For your friends, your relatives ­ or even for yourself.
Surrey Maps, Ordinance Survey, Surrey Ancestry

4-map Past & Present Framed   Single Historical Map Framed

Centred on any point in England & Wales. Choice of frames available.

From a range of periods centred on any point in Great Britain. Choice of frames available.
2-map Past & Present   Historical Map Gift Sets


Centred on any point in
Great Britain. Choice of frames available.
A treasure trove of fascinating
information for anyone interested in
the past.
Cassini Box Sets   Mounted Maps
Maps of Historical Surrey from Cassini. Pleased to be the Winners for the 2nd Year
A interesting range of Maps of Historical Surrey and many other special collections covering much of England & Wales are also availablr from the home page.

From a range of periods centred on any any point in Great Britain and supplied on an ivory mount.

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Cassini is delighted to be able to make available a stunning range of historical maps from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Sourced from the Library’s world-famous collection.

hey are some of the earliest, and finest, examples of cartography. In addition to Saxton and Speed’s county maps, several larger-format maps are also available covering London, Great Britain and the world. The range will be expanded during the coming months.

As well as being highly decorative, the maps also offer fascinating insights into the Elizabethan and Jacobean Britain. They are the definitive maps of your county from the age of Shakespeare – each one a gorgeous vision of the past and a superb addition to your home or office.

If you’re visiting our site for the first time then you probably already have a good reason for being interested in historical maps.

They appeal to many people: local historians, genealogists, home owners with an interest in the history of their area and property, walkers and cyclists who want to see how the landscape they’re exploring has changed, metal detectors who are interested in discovering old paths on which valuable items might have been dropped centuries before: the list could go on and on. Architects, archaeologists, planners, solicitors and farmers also often need, and are frequently obliged, to know how the landscape has changed.

Cassini already produces hundreds of printed and folded maps. Why offer Mapmaker as well?
Because people want different formats. In general, our printed and folded products follow the area of coverage of the Landranger series – so, our three map 174s cover the same area as the Landranger 174, but from three different periods. These have proved very popular and will continue to be produced.

Some people, though, find that the area they’re interested in is spread over two or more Landranger-matching maps. Others want to have flat maps at a smaller size that they can frame or put in a file with their other research papers and notes. Sometimes people want to have the map enlarged. We know this because they told us. For all these reasons, we decided to offer a service whereby you could create the map you needed.

What is Mapmaker?
Mapmaker is a web-based service that puts you in control. You can choose what area it covers, how much it’s enlarged and what format it’s provided to you in. More options are being added all the time.

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